Product Highlight

**PRODUCT HIGHLIGHT** Mia Clarisonic - "A girls NEW best friend"

I know the saying goes "Diamonds are a girls best friend" but I now feel that Mia Clarisonic is clearly a girls new best friend!  I'll explain why; In case you’re not yet familiar with this skin cleansing tool, the Clarisonic uses sonic technology which creates 300 movements per second for the brush head to provide a facial cleansing experience that nothing else on the consumer market can even compare to in my opinion.

In just a single use after a long day of wearing a full face of makeup, with Mia’s 60 second cycle I was clean as a whistle.  My skin was GLOWING (not even slightly red!), cleansed better than ever before, and had a smoothness to it closely resembling one of my rare facial sessions.  It was so gentle and easy to use too!  All I did was remove my eye makeup first with my remover by hand, and lightly moisten my face and the Mia’s brush head with tap water.  Then, I applied a nickel-sized amount of my regular facial cleanser and went to work.  I turned the Mia on, and cleansed each area of my face using small circular motions in sections at short intervals. (forehead: 20 sec.,cheeks: 10 sec. each, nose/chin: 20 sec.)  Mia will automatically turn off after one minute has elapsed, and you are finished!  In case you were wondering, the Mia will give 20 uses on one full charge.

I noticed right away the difference in my skin (and so did my husband).  It made my face a better canvas for my foundation and I noticed my face lotions absorbed directly into my skin rather than just sitting on all the dead skin cells that my normal routine used to leave behind.

To sum it up: The Mia Clarisonic is by far the MOST important beauty product I own!  

Anyway, if you've heard alot of hype and didn't want to lay down the cash I am here to say I felt the same way and I wish I would have purchased this years ago when it first came out...and I'm pretty sure my face does too!

The Mia costs $149 at,, and All of these sites offer 20% off discounts every now and then, so don't pay full price for it. Wait for a sale!  I got mine at a makeup show earlier this year and it was the best purchase I made that day hands down!!


I have a yellow one but I recently found a cute limited addition one in leopard print,  Click here to buy it from Sephora.

Let me know what you think! And if you own one I definitely want to hear from you!

Product Highlight - Jane Iredale Mascara

I can't tell you how much this mascara has helped my lashes! It's proven to condition and grow your lashes by 22% in two weeks and it has for me. It  has these mini fibers built in to the formula so it instantly makes your lashes look longer and fuller.  It's also a mineral mascara so there are no allergic reactions here.  One of my favorite things about this mascara besides it's healing qualities is the fact that you can squeeze every last drop out.  Most of the mascaras I purchase leave a lot of the product on the sides bottle.  Without being able to reach the sides with my wand I am  forced into making another purchase earlier than I intended, I hate that.

Here is some more information I got from Jane Iredale's website on this mascara:

This dual-purpose formula contains sea minerals that condition lashes so they can grow to their fullest potential, while thousands of cellulose fibers coat the lashes for a look that’s glamorous, rich and full. Expand your lashes’ wardrobe from basic black and brown with four new shades that go from subtle to "look at me!" Our extra large, tapered brush makes application easy and separates lashes effortlessly. • Packaged in a squeezable tube with the highest quality brush • Contains 75% more product than normal mascaras • Conditions lashes so they don’t clump, flake or break

It retails for about $32 dollars but it will last you anywhere from 6 months to a year, a huge difference from every 2 to 3 months!

Buy it here.