Published ~ Status Magazine, Callan McAuliffe from The Great Gatsby

I got to meet and work with an up and coming young actor, Callan McAuliffe, who will be seen this Christmas playing the young Leonardo DiCaprio in the highly anticipated movie The Great Gatsby.  He was super sweet,  totally hilarious, and super charming with is Australian Accent!!  I loved working with him and the beautiful Celebrity photographer Amanda Aelkins.   

Here is more info on his background:

Callan Mcauliffe started his US acting career as the lead role in a Rob Reiner film (“Flipped“). You may also recognize him for his character, Sam, in “I Am Number Four” (starring Alex PettyferTimothy Olyphant and Teresa Palmer). In 2013, he is starring in “The Great Gatsby” (by director Baz Luhrmann) playing Jay Gatsby (Leonardo DiCaprio) when young; as well as “Blue Potato” by directors Aron Gaudet and Gita Pullapilly (starring Aidan GillenCarla Gallo and Michael Mcgrady).

Below is his feature in the October issue of  Status Magazine both in print and online. Oh and the behind the scenes video of what went on during the shoot! Enjoy!



PUBLISHED ~ MTV's Cast of The Buried Life in Glamoholic Magazine

The Cast of MTV's THE BURIED LIFE  for GLAMOHOLIC MAGAZINE was among one of my favorite shoots. Not only because we had rad, burned down house in the woods as our shoot location but because these guys were hilarious and made the day go by fast. Ben told Dianna upon seeing a concrete wall and gate with a huge drain on the bottom....“I have good news and bad news…. The good news is that the electricity on the velociraptor gate is at full strength. The bad news is that there is a hole in the gate. Now, go, and do with that information what you will.”

Photography: EMILY SOTO





My Better Half ~ Kerry & Summer Bellessa featured on Amanda Jane Jones

I got the opportunity to work with one of the host of The Girls With Glass Show; Summer Bellessa, and Writer and Director of the up coming thriller Amber Alert, Kerry Bellessa.  Not only do they make a handsome couple but they are extremely talented, funny, creative, and down to earth couple. I seriously enjoyed every minute of our shoot. Here is their feature on My Better Half on Amanda Jane Jones

To get to know them a little better, here are some excerpts taken from the blog, Amanda Jane Jones:

SUMMER 1) Eats ice cream for breakfast. 2) Is an eternal optimist. 3) Obsessed with Audrey Hepburn.KERRY 1) Was the fastest 6th grader in the state of WA. 2) Likes to eat sunflower seeds. 3) He dreams big.THEIR STORY There was a guy living on Kerry's couch in Pasadena. There was a girl living on Summer's couch in Santa Monica. The couch dwellers went on a few dates, that went nowhere, but it delicately entered us into each other's orbits. After a string of casual meetings, we had an accidental double date (everyone else ended up bailing). It was at the batting cages in Sherman Oaks, we consider it our first date. We both knew, and were married 4 months later. That was almost 10 years ago.

At four years old, Summer Bellessa started her modeling career and by 17 had the opportunity to work in fashion capitals that include: Paris, Hamburg, New York, Miami, London and Tokyo. Summer had clients such as Clairol, Sears, Target, Shiseido, Secret, Glamour, AT&T and Vidal Sassoon. Those experiences as a model opened her eyes to the world outside her hometown of Chicago Heights, IL. Her metamorphosis from model into entrepreneur began as she effortlessly brought creative and talented people together to do great things.
Today, Summer produces and hosts The Girls With Glasses show, an online variety talk show about fashion, entertainment and heart. She continues to nurture creative minds as teh editor of women's fashion and lifestyle magazine ELIZA.
Kerry Bellessa was born and raised in Seattle, WA, which effeted his taste in music (90's grunge forever) and his demeanor (he always thinks it's going to rain). As a boy, he grew up watching Goonies and Spaceballs, wishing one day, he too could make movies. He took that dream to Art Center College of Design in Pasadena, where he earned a degree in Film and Television and started directing commercials and music videos.
This year, that dream will come true, as Kerry's first feature film, AMBER ALERT, will be released later this year. He also shoots theGirls with Glasses episodes. And in Summer's unbiased opinion, he is pretty talented and charming and clever and cute.
Photographer: Trever Hoehne

Makeup: Amy Clarke Hair: Dianne Lopez Dress: Kate Spade Bracelet: 31 Bits Suit: H&M Tie: Vintage